Rules and Expectations

There is a bit of information I'd like for My submissive to know before booking a session in My clean and private play space..

- Every session scheduled requires a deposit to be paid at the time of scheduling and is accepted through PayPal, NiteFlirt or can be paid in person, (during a meeting with an approved date and time in the form of lunch, coffee, etc.)
-A session with Me
must be booked in advance, with respect to My time and yours.
- Princess Soosie requires a small tribute of $75 for a sit down discussion about interests, limits, etc.. This is highly recommended to those new to live sessions or BDSM in general. This can take place in the lobby of Her play space or in Her favorite place to grab a coffee.
- The donation for an hour of Princess Soosie's time is $300, with a portion being paid up front in the form of a deposit.
- Deposit amount depends on session duration.
  - If session booked is 1 hour, deposit expected is $100
  - If session booked is 2 hours, deposit expected is $200, etc
- If submissive makes a deposit and no call / no shows to session, submissive will be expected to pay full tribute, up front when booking in the future. If submissive has to cancel or reschedule, it must be done at least
one hour before scheduled session to ensure deposit will be held until the rescheduled date and time.
- Submissive is expected to show up
on time, clean, and fully prepared for session. If submissive does not know what it means to be prepared for their session, submissive is expected to inquire.
And if submissive is given a special task, task is to be completed before arriving to session.
- Submissive is expected to bring full tribute to session in an
unsealed envelope unless otherwise instructed. Full tribute is to be collected upon arrival. Trades for service or altered rates are not permitted for first session.
- Deposit, tribute, tips and gifts
will not be refunded.

- If submissive requests a shower, a 15 minute shower will be allowed. Soap and a clean towel are provided. Submissive is not allowed to touch or play in the shower unless otherwise instructed. Bathroom is to be returned to the same state or better when finished.
- Safety and consent are of extreme importance to Me. Any limits or disabilities submissive may have are to be discussed before session is booked.