Meet The Monster

Kansas City Professional Dominatrix, I am Princess Soosie Monster. I am that exuberant Girl that you could never get to look at you in school. I am serious and articulate, yet fun and spontaneous. Sensitive and Empathetic, tough and cruel. The ultimate Gemini combo. A truly beautiful, Alpha Woman. I will read your body, I will take control. I am the sex therapist you can't afford. I'll be the thought you can't ignore.

From the moment you arrive at My feet, you will be torn down. The Power is now Mine. We play My game. We play My way.

An exchange of Power through Forced Submission is My primary focus.

I will push you to your limit, then I will challenge you to push yourself even further.

I will expand your mind, simultaneously bending your will.

I will take you to that place you go to in your deepest fantasy and I will make it your reality.

you will be taught to serve Me properly. you will strive to deliver pleasure to Me through your participation in some of My BDSM favorites including sissy slut scenarios, strap-on fantasy, corporal punishment, cbt, verbal and physical humiliation, demasculation through role reversal.. and of course, through your very own suffering.

If you deliver this to Me, you will be rewarded. If not, you will be punished. tick. tock.